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Q&A: Province Lighting

HL chatted to Juliet Chemelli, co-owner of Province Lighting about how to maximise lighting in your home. What are the best lighting options for a kitchen? It is really important to make sure you don’t work in your own  shadow. Task lighting is therefore very important in a kitchen and should be directly above you and the workstation. Under-counter lighting, concealed by mounting it under top hung cupboards, is great for this purpose (LED striplights being a favourite). Downlighters or pendants above the  kitchen island preparation areas also work well. Make sure you also have light above the sink. In open plan spaces be aware of using lighting in the kitchen that compliments the dining and/or lounge area. Similarly if you have an eat-in kitchen ensure you have an option between task lighting and ambient lighting. And a bedroom? The main light in a bedroom, whether downlighters, ceiling light or chandelier, should be dimmable. I suggest using bedside lamps or wall mounted lights with a shade for next to the bed to soften the light in the room - also preferably on a dimmer - and provide light for bedtime reading. A LED reading lamp is great, as it provides targeted light without disturbing your partner. What role does lighting play in creating a sense of space in a room? If your only light source is downlighting and the ceilings are low then the room will feel very oppressive. By using wall uplighters with an indirect light source you immediately create the feeling of height in the room. These same wall lights are great for accentuating open trusses and making a room without ceilings feel larger and more airy. Different types of lighting – from standing lamps and chandeliers to table lamps and uplighters - make a dark painted room feel bigger and airier. How do you create a sense of warmth through the use of lighting? It is really important that the correct colour light bulbs are used. For domestic applications we recommend warm white for flourescents, 2700-3000k.  LED lights, and of course halogen and incandescents, are naturally warm in colour, especially when dimmed. Be extra careful when you change your light bulbs that you are buying and installing the correct colour and wattage. How big of a difference does energy-saving lighting make? Depending on how many light fittings you have it can make a huge difference to your electricity bill. I think it is especially important that external lights that are left on for long periods should make use of energy-saving fittings. You’re an official stockist of Moooi and we simply love their new Valentine Lamps. As lighting experts, where in the home would you place statement lighting pieces? A gorgeous statement piece! There are a few zones in the home where these statement lights should be used. You would need to ensure that there's sufficient ceiling height for these types of lights. They make an impact in entrance halls, staircases and above dining tables or kitchen bar areas. A dramatic yet smaller light is also impactful in a powder room. For more information about Province Lighting and the ranges they stock, visit