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Q&A: Bathroom Butler

Contemporary bathrooms are on-trend, but achieving a minimalist bathroom that is both functional and stylish can be tricky. HL chatted to Craig Taylor from leading bathroom accessory and heated towel rail supplier, Bathroom Butler, about transforming this space into a contemporary and stylish area that is as functional as it is beautiful. Why are contemporary bathrooms so popular? Contemporary bathrooms are popular for their sleek and clean design, which has been popularised by the luxurious bathrooms featured in many of the world’s most exclusive hotels. Minimal bathrooms are not ornately decorated rooms, but they are by no means boring and remain incredibly well articulated – where every element of the design is practical, yet striking. How can I transform my bathroom into a contemporary space? A pivotal theme in any contemporary bathroom is simplicity and, as such, it is important to ensure that all aspects of your bathroom design follow this theme. When choosing bathroom accessories and sanitaryware for your contemporary bathroom, look specifically for clean, geometric shapes – these add striking visual interest to the space, often standing as designer features in their own right, while remaining ever-functional elements in the room. What about colour? Simple neutral and monochromatic colour palettes are best. Neutral colours are also always a good choice when aiming for a contemporary look. Think of nature-inspired patterns and colours, and keep the palette either purely monochromatic or comprising of various tones of a similar hue. Why is it important to keep it simple? When it comes to minimalistic bathroom design, the make-or-break of a truly outstanding bathroom design largely depends on how well the finer details of the bathroom have been planned and implemented. Just like a good pair of shoes can make an entire outfit, so can the choice of high-end fittings and accessories to really create that ‘wow’ factor in a space – turning a run-of-the-mill bathroom into one that is truly spectacular. Accessories and fittings made from pure and sleek materials, such as Grade 304 stainless steel for example, are ideal for contemporary bathrooms. Stainless steel is a beautiful material that is perfect for bathroom applications due to the fact that it is easy to maintain and clean. It is also stain- and rust-resistant. Its sleek and high-gloss appearance remains classically simple, yet striking. Can my bathroom be contemporary and luxurious at the same time? Creating a contemporary bathroom space with a touch of luxury is not always that easy – the contemporary style often leads to bathroom spaces that err on the more clinical side of design. That said, with a bit of thought, this can be easily avoided. The trick is to appeal to as many senses as possible. How can that be achieved? You can include scented candles, plush memory foam bath mats, oversized soft towels, as well as good lighting, heating, and lavish visual aspects and various textures, such as orchids, textured feature tiles and mosaics, as well as windows or skylights with views of the outdoors. Heated towel rails are another must-have in any bathroom, as they provide a sense of opulence and are really practical. For more tips, visit bathroombutler.co.za.