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Q&A: Bathroom Bizarre

Courtesy of Bathroom Bizarre
HL chatted to Saville Jacobson, stock procurement manager at Bathroom Bizarre for her tips on maximising space and personalising your bathroom. How do I maximise space and create a stylish bathroom at the same time? Before you rush out and stock up on trendy bathroom accessories, first take a look and find out exactly how much space you have. Sophisticated, but simple ideas are the way to go in order to create an inviting and comfortable bathroom space. Trying to squeeze as much into the space as possible is not going to work. Instead, rather choose key pieces that will make an impact. How do I personalise my space without it looking like I’ve tried too hard? Tiling the entire bathroom will make the space look uniform and larger than it actually is. It’s also a good idea to add detailing, like using mosaic tiles. This will give the space more depth and colour. Other ways to add personality include adding plants, which will infuse the area with a pop of colour; or you can use accessories, such as a fun shower curtain, bathmat, towels or an artwork. How do I avoid clutter? The last thing you want to do is to add bulky furniture or large decorative pieces into a small space so it’s best to choose an all-in-one sink and vanity solution that is proportionate to the space in which it will be featured. It is also imperative to include as much storage as possible, so that all toiletries can be neatly stored away. Your choice of toilet can be another big space-saving option. It’s best to choose a wall-hung toilet, where the cistern is built directly into the bathroom wall. Wall-hung toilets are also raised above the floor, which creates the illusion of added floor space below. Is it important to have light flowing into your bathroom? By infusing a small space with light, you will instantaneously make it appear larger. Invest in a pretty, but petite modern fitting or, if you have a window, make use of the natural light by enhancing it. Keep your windows clean and hang curtains or blinds that will let the light filter through. If you don't have a window, think about installing a skylight. You can also install track lighting to create the perception of a longer room. Mirrors are also a great way of accentuating light, since they reflect and amplify any light in a room. What about paint? Keep the ceiling white and avoid dark colours for the walls. Opt for soft neutral tones – this will not only liven up the space visually, but will also guarantee longevity in terms of the bathroom’s design, as neutral tones don’t date quickly.