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Printing Wall Panels

We asked interior designer and design trend expert  from Design Quarters, Michelle Trimborn, for her advice: 'Smart Art, based at 349 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, is a great contact for printing wall panels. They can print a raw image onto multi-panel wallpaper, or they can print individual panels on paper, fabric and other base materials. Their pricing starts at approximately R299/m², excluding installation.' 'If you want to try something different, you can use your favourite image (be it a photograph, a graphic, or your child’s drawing) to create your own personalised wallpaper or wall mural. For these, there will potentially be artwork and/or scanning costs on top of the wallpaper production costs.' 'High quality, durable canvases can also be printed and stretched onto a box frame. They have a standard price list but can also make any custom size. Half Circle printers can also supply this service to you.' 'Castle Graphics, at Northgate Estate in Brooklyn, Cape Town, also print anything you want onto vinyl. Again, there might be artwork costs in addition to the printing costs. These can be wall panels or wall tattoos. A great idea is to ask them to print the image reversed and then mount the vinyl onto the back of glass to make a cool splashback or wall panel.' 'Glass is purchased cost effectively from Glass & Allied, at 225 Victoria Road in Salt River, in the Mother City. We suggest you ask for John Vickerman, who will be able to assist you with your queries.' Image of wallpaper: IPC Syndication Have you got a particular decor, food or DIY question? Email it to and we’ll get one of our experts to answer it!