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Perk Up Your Bedroom

Judd van Rensburg

Our decor editor Leana Schoeman was recently involved in transforming a lifeless bedroom into a lively sleep chamber with vibrant character. Here we talk to her about the refurbishment and get some tips for anyone desperate to shake up their own space. What was the inspiration behind this update? The bedroom was in serious need of help as it was completely neglected, felt dark and dingy and became a glorified storeroom with clutter everywhere. Why did you decide to go for such bold wallpaper? The space is relatively large, which made things tricky. To hold it together and make it feel more considered, it needed to have an accent wall with personality. As the homeowner loves colour and wasn’t afraid to experiment, we went with this print, which really brought the space to life. Why was the decision made to paint the furniture grey? The homeowner really hated the bed’s shape and colour and was keen to get rid of it altogether. I always feel that we should work with what we have rather than buying new things, so I decided to paint the bed to make it feel more contemporary and complement the wallpaper’s background colour. In general, the palette was chosen to make the space feel more timeless and masculine (especially considering the floral wallpaper), so that the homeowner’s husband would also feel considered. Do you have any tips for people looking to liven up their bedroom? Invest in great linen and bedding. You spend so much time in bed, you might as well feel comfortable and spoil yourself with good quality products. Paint the room a calming colour and add some interest with beautiful textures; if you’re brave a print can sometimes do the trick, especially in a large room. Do you have tips and advice for people wanting to wallpaper an area of their homes? Live in the space before making any decisions on wall coverings and take time to commit rather than rushing into an option you might regret later. If the space is large and intimidating, wallpaper can help to divide it and create some atmosphere. Always ensure that you consider the size of the pattern or texture; bold prints work in bigger spaces but will make a small space feel cluttered. As wallpapers can be expensive, make sure you’re really happy with your choice before going forward.




bedroom2insitu Take a look at page 139 of our Jan/Feb 2016 issue to get a list of the products used in this makeover along with their prices.