Renovations, Walls and Floors

Painting White Walls

When painting white surfaces, it's always tricky to see if you've missed any areas or done a thorough enough job. However, there's a nifty solution for this very problem that ensures you cover every inch. Dulux's 'Magic White' is an innovative product that does all the work for you. What looks like any other regular paint, Magic White is actually pink in appearance but turns into a crisp white shade within an hour, when applied to your ceilings or walls. This means that you can easily spot any areas that need painting and you can efficiently and effortlessly cover up any minor imperfections. Once applied, the paint dries beautifully, leaving behind a rich matt finish – and no glimpses of the previous coat. Another bonus is that you only need to use one coat to cover either white or pastel colours, so the paint is fairly economical too. You can also wash it very easily and, with its low VOC content, it's environmentally friendly to boot. To find out more about this range or to find your nearer stockist, visit this page.