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New Light Fittings

Are you thinking about changing or updating your light fittings? Interior designer Michelle Trimborn of Design Quarters advises us about how to choose the right lights... Light is vital to the design scheme. Light is not an added component - as it is often treated - but a basic material that renders all other materials visible. Satisfactory lighting does not just ‘happen’. Bad lighting (too much or too little) ‘bleaches’ or dulls the look of your expensive fabrics. When this happens your wall colours are made erratic, blotchy or have patches of high contrast. Good lighting, on the other hand, can double the value of a room, it can transform a space, divide it or create atmosphere. +Tips for a Practical Lighting Plan:

  • Have a good mix of lighting as good lighting needs variety.
  • First lighting layer - Background lighting /ambient lighting: use overhead halogens, pendant lights and uplighters.
  • Second lighting layer – Task lighting: this includes table lamps, desk lamps and mirror lights. Don’t forget plug points!
  • Third lighting layer – Accent lighting: incorporate picture lights, art lights etc. This requires thinking ahead and pre-planning.
  • Fourth lighting layer – Decorative lighting: The light or light fitting is the focus, for example, a blue light on a building at night or the light fitting is an art work itself. In this instance, you must consider balancing the other elements in the room.
  • Note:  We recommend putting every kind of lighting on a dimmer for multiple mood options.
In general, the details of lighting must always follow the design.  If we start with the selection of light fixtures, there is no design at all, only details, and the results – good or bad – are accidental. So design is a key factor to take into consideration to ensure that the lighting enhances the look and feel of a space. For more information please contact Michelle Trimborn at Design Quarters on 021-801-6680, visit or join Michelle’s blog here. Image of lamp: The Lighting Warehouse