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makeover a master bedroom

We recently had lots of fun turning a boring beige master bedroom into a calm and refreshing refuge. If you're looking to do the same, consider the following tips from our #HLmakeover expert.

1. don't leave this room last

We often concentrate on the rest of the home before we start thinking about the renovation of our own master bedroom. But we shouldn't – this is your private space so why not give it the love it deserves early on?

2. pool your curtaining

Use extra-long drops that pool at the bottom to give a room an elegant, luxurious feel. In this makeover, an ombre effect on the curtaining was chosen for interest.

3. update your linen

Changing your bedding is the easiest, quickest way to give your bedroom an instant upgrade. In this case, dark grey linen immediately made the bed and room look all that much grander.

4. choose personal artworks

The bedroom is a very personal space, so why not choose artworks that have personal meaning to you. What really gives art significance is if it was created by someone you know. Having your own photographs printed on quality paper gives them a professional look while still retaining their sentimentality.

5. change up your paint colour

A fresh lick of paint in a trendy colour can do wonders. In this renovation, we used 'Evening Grass' from Plascon.

6. re-use what you have

There's no need to get rid of all your old items just to get a new look. Here we kept the original bed frame and rug, which still work very well in the space.




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