5 Luxury Lights

In our August 2012 Luxury issue we've compiled a handy spread on page 135 of fabulous lighting ideas to suit every purpose and pocket. From the classic to the contemporary, table lamps to pendants and chandeliers, and even outdoor options, it includes myriad products that will provide you with all the inspiration you need. Selecting the right light and light fitting for a space can transform it instantly, and with all the great designers out there – both local and international – there's definitely no shortage of fixtures to choose from. Here, we've hand-picked five unique products that each lend a different look and feel to the room it occupies, demonstrating the wide variety of lights that are currently on the market. 1. Little Man brass light, David Krynauw, R3 850 This eye-catching number is as bold as it is playful. The limited edition table lamp, designed by David Krynauw, is ample proof of the artist's fresh approach to woodwork. A combination of hand turned, bushveldt tamboti wood and spun brass, the Little Man would look great on a bedside table or in your home office, perched on a desk. We appreciate David's sensitivity to sustainable design, which is evident in all his work. There is also the original Little Man in a neutral hue, and if you prefer a dollop of colour, you can find it in red, yellow, blue or black, too. 2. Etch Pendant by Tom Dixon, Crema Design, R6 245 The Etch Pendant, released last year in Milan as part of Tom Dixon's Flash Factory, is now also available in a stainless steel version. This piece is digitally manufactured from brass and bears a detailed pattern that casts interesting shadows when lit. Its geometric, modern design adds a burst of personality to the shade, which can be used on any standard pendant fitting. 3. Evo lights, Goet, R1 250 each Another great local representative on the lighting front, the Joburg-based Goet Furniture is already making waves with their innovative designs. The brainchild of architect Georg van Gass and furniture manufacturer Zander van Niekerk, Goet endorses environmentally friendly design and believes in creating timeless pieces. The pair take inspiration from the shapes around them for their lighting range, while they also choose to use any timber from a sustainable source. We like the funky vibe that has been injected into these Evo lights, simply by adding a bright coat of colour. 4. Sponge lights by Pott, Robert Thomson, R2 152 each Perhaps a unique outdoor light is what you're looking for? Designed by Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte from the Spanish lighting company, Pott, this Sponge light features a clay sphere that allows the light to shine through, giving an interesting lighting effect. It is meant to mimic the form and texture of sea sponge. They therefore look more natural in comparison to man-made lamps, and will illuminate any outdoor space beautifully. 5. Kantelknaap lamp, Jan Douglas, R1 400 This locally produced light is made from wood, metal and canvas by Cape Town architect, Jan Douglas. After starting his freelance furniture design career in 2011, he went on to develop a range of handmade products, with this table lamp being featured in the 2012 CCDI Handmade Collection. Jan was also selected as an Emerging Designer at the Design Indaba Expo, showing his immense talent for producing hand-crafted items. Turn to page 135 of our August 2012 issue to see more dazzling designs... Text: Kim Grové Images: Supplied