Living Space, Renovations

Lighten Up Your Living Space

Elsa Young, <strong> Styling </strong> Mia Vincent

The brief for the renovation of this beautiful three-storey Bantry Bay apartment was to create a modern, open-plan feel that would bring in lots of light and optimise the expansive ocean vistas. Because the main staircase and the triple volume space that envelops it is such a central feature, it was essential that this area especially was lightened and made more seamless with the rest of the apartment. To achieve this, and in so doing make the most of the impressive sea views, the staircase's bulky stainless steel balustrade was replaced with frameless glass. The staircase stringers were also clad in stainless steel, evoking a yacht's bulwark and bringing in the ocean theme. The heavy, dark wood of the staircase was replaced with lighter limed oak - a finish that is then repeated in a feature wall that accentuates the height of the volume and serves as a backdrop for the owner's art collection.




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