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Lekkertjies wallpaper

If there's one thing that reminds us of our childhood, it's after dinner sweets and party treats. Kristen Morkel, founder of Design Kist, recreates her childhood favourites in a wallpaper print that looks almost good enough to eat. Aptly titled Lekkertjies, this colourful wallpaper design comes straight from the heart. 'I'm very nostalgic, and I don't know about you, but nothing rocked my universe like sweets when I was a kidlet!' says Morkel. 'I created this design because I was trying to dream up some children's wallpaper designs, and thought back to what the little girl Kristen would have liked on her walls. Little me would probably have licked this wallpaper too!' With fizzers, marie biscuits, zoo biscuits, liquorice allsorts, chappies, jelly tots, tennis biscuits and smarties making up this print, we'd probably have licked it too! But in all seriousness, this delightful wallpaper is UV digitally printed, using eco-friendly inks on premium quality wallpaper. While you can apply it using wallpaper paste yourself, Design Kist can send a recommended applicator to apply it for you (location permitting). And, if this print is intended for a certain little person's space in your home, Lekkertjies can be ordered on self-adhesive backing – making it easy to remove when your toddler turns pre-teen. While Morkel says she'd personally use it as a feature wall in a kids bedroom – combined with Design Kist's Zoo Biscuit fabric and soon to be released Zoo biscuit fine-art print – she says it's also a great print to 'add a quirky Mzansi flavour to the corner of a pantry'. Homesick friends and family living abroad will be happy to know that Design Kist also ships internationally, meaning you can have a taste of South Africa with you no matter where you are in the world. Lekkertjies is sold in single rolls from Design Kist for R1 290. One roll contains two pattern matched panels of 300cm high x 65cm wide.