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Install the King of Drywalls

Any extensive home renovation is most likely going to involve some sort of wall work – whether you’re knocking down old walls and replacing them with new structures or installing wall systems where there were none before. The new Gyproc Habito high-performance wall system from Saint-Gobain was pioneered to make such home improvements easy and even more effective. Dependably strong and solid, this innovative option features technical benefits previously unseen in the drywall category. We chatted to Saint-Gobain about this new product and its advantages. What are the general benefits of installing a drywall system rather than brick walls? Drywall systems are no more expensive than brick walls, but they offer greater long-term performance benefits, including better sound insulation and four times less heat conductivity (so your home stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter). The speed of drywall construction is also three times faster than that of traditional brick construction, and because drywalls are considerably lighter than a double skin brick wall, less material needs to be used in the foundations and transport costs are reduced. Finally, drywalls are also more eco-friendly as it takes much less water to plaster them than masonry walls. GyprocInsitu1 What differentiates the Gyproc Habito system from regular drywalls? Habito has the following advantages over standard plasterboard: Easy to fix into: This drywall formulation is an industry first in that it enables you to fix shelves, curtain poles, picture hooks, TVs and more into place without any need for drills or specialist fixings. You can just screw straight into the wall surface (each screw used holds 15kg), which gives you lots of freedom to easily decorate your home as you desire. Enhanced impact resistance: Habito walls offer a superior resistance to everyday bangs and knocks that come from kids playing, furniture being moved and simple wear and tear. Greater sound insulation: The walls greatly reduce noise breakthrough from one room to another, so family members can watch TV or play music without disturbing anyone else. What sort of rooms is Gyproc Habito best suited to? Because Habito allows easy fixing and re-fixing and removes the hassle of having to mount objects on traditional masonry wall surfaces, it’s well suited to any room that might need regular redecoration and adjustments, like children’s bedrooms, nurseries and home offices. Similarly, it’s great for media rooms where you might find yourself regularly mounting and remounting the newest TVs and speaker systems as technology advances. GyprocInsitu2 Can this drywall be used in areas that regularly get wet? Not yet. But as we are set on continuing to provide innovative products that offer practical solutions to builders and homeowners, the Gyproc research and development teams are working on a moisture-resistant version of Habito, which will be suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Watch this space… When will Gyproc Habito be available in South Africa? Habito walls will be available for purchase from specialist distributors soon. For more information about Saint-Gobain Gyproc, visit or call 0860 27 28 29