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vicki sleet's home renovation: an instagram story

Vicki Sleet

When people ask me, “So what do you think of living in the ‘burbs?”, I can’t answer more enthusiastically,’ says homeowner Vicki Sleet of the location of her new home. ‘While our previous house in Cape Town’s Muizenberg had great views and was really contemporary, having small children in a house with many sharp stairs was tricky.

‘I dreamed of an open-plan home with a big lawn, and although we got that with our new property, the house we found was a facebrick number that hadn’t been touched since the ’70s – and had a multitude of arches and tile styles in brown to prove it.

‘We were pretty happy with the original layout, bar a few rooms that needed to be reconfigured, but we wanted a clean slate to make it our own. So we gutted the house, knocking out walls to create an open-plan living area. We ripped out the bathrooms, bedroom cupboards and kitchen cabinets, lost the arches and plastered the exterior.

‘It was quite a straightforward renovation – except when we discovered that the roof had to be replaced, the pool’s plumbing needed to be redone and that the previous owner hadn’t got the patio roof’s plans passed. Luckily, my husband loves a project, so he worked closely with the builder and subcontractors while I dealt with interior finishes and suppliers.

‘We managed to move in after four months, and finished off our joinery and things like the kitchen counters once we were in. Our youngest was only four months old when we started, so it was a rather stressful process, but so worth it. We love our new home, and our family does, too.’  #iwantthatreno