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Make The Most Of a Small Bedroom

There never seems to be enough space in your bedroom to fit in everything you own. You either have too much stuff in your big room or your bedroom is too tiny. Either way, you always end up throwing 'stuff' under your bed and into your wardrobe, which turns your living space into a mess. Danielle Bagworth, an expert in the field of home improvement and interior design, gives us some tips on how to maximise the space you have available to you. Storage Solutions

  • Having a good storage system means that your belongings will have allocated places. There are storage opportunities wherever you look. The most common space is the bottom of your wardrobe. This space is generally used as a dumping ground but you can maximise the space by installing a second rail and using it to hang up extra clothing or build a mini shoe rack to store your shoes.
  • Remember that you can use the height of your room. There is generally lots of dead space at the top of the walls. Think about the actual size of your wardrobe and whether you have the option of investing in a taller one. You can even opt for higher shelves.
  • Opt for decorative storage boxes and stack those up in the corner of the room. These can also act as a form of decor, so get creative.
  • De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. Get rid of anything that you don’t need, be brutal and give away items that you haven’t used over the last six months. You’ll find that you’ll have more space to work with and fewer items to store away.
  • More light makes the room look a lot more spacious, so clear your window sill, as anything placed there will partially block out the light.
  • Once you’ve done this, identify the darkest corners of the room and either hang up a mirror or get some wall lighting. This will lighten up the corners and make the rest of the room look larger. Once you have your storage system out, you can also focus on keeping things out of sight. This allows space to reflect off the surfaces and brighten the rest of the room.
Flooring Once you have de-cluttered, you can look at the floor space that is left over. This is crucial, the more floor space you have, the bigger your room will look. Get rid of rugs which occupy valuable space. If you really can’t live without one, just place a smaller rug beside your bed. The key is to keep the centre of the room empty. Additionally, opt for either wood or laminate flooring, as it allows it to reflect more light. The Bed Your bed makes the rest of the room. It is generally the focal point. So, make your bed (even if you don't feel like it!) because walking into a room and seeing a nicely made bed makes the overall room look better. It’s also important to have the right sized bed. While it’s tempting to opt for a double or king sized bed, if you’re limited on space, it probably isn’t the best option. For more information, visit