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How to Create a Home Spa

Craig Taylor from Bathroom Butler offers his expert tips on how to turn your bathroom into a luxurious in-home spa.

Bigger, better bathtubs

'A big bath will add to the spa feel of the bathroom as it offers ample space in which you can lie back and relax,' advises Craig. Spa baths with features like hydro-massage jets or air massage settings will up your bathing and relaxation experience and allow you to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home. Invest in bath-time treats like oils and scrubs, scented candles and fluffy towels to make the experience even more luxurious.

Showering glory

Showers with added features are becoming increasingly popular and can be just as enjoyable as a soak in a bath, yet easier, less time consuming and more water efficient. 'Showers that have a steam option are ideal for home spa applications, as they allow for your shower to also function as a steam room. Shower columns are also therapeutic, offering access to hydrotherapeutic body massages whenever you desire,' says Craig.

Chic accessories

'Bathroom accessories are crucial for achieving a functional and aesthetically pleasing in-home spa,' says Craig. A huge design aspect of any successfully designed in-home spas is the ability to keep the space streamlined, simple and clutter-free. This can be achieved by including ample storage and the right bathroom accessories to house all your bathroom essentials, neatly and conveniently. Choose accessories that are made from the best quality material that you can afford.

Luxurious lighting

Lighting can really make or break any bathroom design, but it is especially important when you are trying to recreate the ambience of a spa, explains Craig: 'Lighting plays a huge role in creating a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere. Create a layered lighting design that focuses on ambient, task and accent lighting options. Installing lights with dimmer switches is a perfect way of controlling the brightness of your bathroom space – turn the lights down for a more romantic or relaxing ambience, or turn the lights up for a more practical and functional bathing experience.'

A natural touch

Incorporating nature in your in-home spa will add to its effectiveness and allure – think timber, natural stone, and a calming palette of organically-inspired neutral colours. Big windows that allow natural light into your home spa, as well as the ability to appreciate the outdoor vistas, will also add to the calming ambiance.