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How To Add Colour To Your Space


Are the winter chills getting you down? One way of combating winter blues is by adding warmth to your home with colour. HL chatted to Grafton Everest’s Sue Scott to find out how you can play around with colour in your home, while at the same time adding life to your walls, floors, furniture and decor. How does colour affect our mood? Colour is all around us, but we rarely give a second thought as to how it affects us. Red, for example brings an unmistakable vibrancy to a space and can be intimate or over-stimulating, while green has a way of calming things down and is associated with growth. If you are thinking of introducing colour to a space, it is important to think about when you use a room most, and decide on what kind of mood you want to create. How can I incorporate colour into my home? A lounge that you use mostly at night when you come home after a long day at work could be conducive to a softer, moodier tone that soothes and cocoons you. If you entertain often, then a sofa upholstered in a solid vivid colour can inject energy into an area. But remember, strong colours require a lot of breathing space in order for them not to feel overwhelming. Do your research before choosing your tone, and play with paint swatches to see how you respond to various colours in the particular space in question. Which colours would you recommend I use in each room? You can’t go wrong with a rich colour palette to instantly add warmth to a room. People tend to think that a dark room should be brightened up with light-coloured walls and furniture, but it tends to have the opposite effect, making it look cold and washed out in the dreary months. Contrary to common belief, vibrant colours used in low light rooms actually make up for the lack of natural light and can be used to great effect to create instant cosiness. Jewel tones are ideal, and they’re right on trend at the moment. A plush, deep-buttoned sofa in red or green velvet is the perfect statement piece for a lounge that needs some warming up. For more inspiration, visit