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Give Life to your Living Space

Judd van Rensburg

Our former Décor Editor Leana Schoeman oversaw this transformation of a outdated space into a modern, timeless combined lounge and dining room with lots of light and air. See what she has to say about this refurbishment here. What challenges did this makeover attempt to address? The room was a dingy space and it felt quite bare and needed some warmth. What were the main changes that were made? The popcorn ceiling was replaced with smooth ceiling boards and a blind was added as an accent and to offer a sense of luxury – it immediately gave the room a good feel. Then the ugly, outdated light fitting was replaced with a new one that aligned with the geometric theme of the blind and brought a contemporary feel to the room. The reddish laminate flooring was swapped for a beautiful solid wooden floor. And what inspired the colour palette chosen? We wanted something neutral and timeless that would make the space feel modern but cosy at the same time. This palette allows you to then add any kind of print or any colour of your choice and even make seasonal changes. Lots of greenery was brought into the room in the form of pot plants. What do you think plants do for a space? Plants always enhance a space. The organic element improves the atmosphere, and the plants we chose in this case are also great for filtering and cleaning the city air. Do you have any tips for people looking to update a dingy lounge/dining room? Clear all clutter, including furniture pieces that are just blocking space, and start with a clean, open space. Then try out an accent element, like a detailed light fitting, a feature wall or a beautiful window covering. You could even remove curtains if you have a lovely view – this will also bring in natural light, which is key in any space. Keep it simple with additions like plants and prints and always ensure that the room is inviting yet functional.




LoungeDining3 Take a look at page 141 of our January/February 2016 issue to get a list of the products used in this makeover along with their prices.