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Get the Three Quarter Look

Judd van Rensburg

The Three Quarter paint effect featured in our 2016 Before & After issue might look like a risky project to take on, but it's really quite easy to achieve and can be very striking if done properly and if paired with beautiful furniture and accessories that complement the colour in the top quarter. This effect was created for us by Claire Bond, paint effects and colour specialist at Kansai Plascon, and Fotini de Araujo, owner of Designer Brushworx. Here are the steps they followed to achieve this result.

step 1:

Select the wall or area that you plan to paint. If you're only painting a portion of wall, mark the measured area out with tape. ThreeQuarter

step 2:

Paint the whole selected area with the lighter colour of the two that were chosen (in this case, Plascon's Peach Dawn).

step 3:

Let the wall dry completely and then apply your darker paint (in this case, Plascon's Ewa) to the top section of the wall. Use a roller or brush and keep the movement very relaxed and wishy washy. You should be able to see the brush strokes and have the lighter colour showing through the darker area in streaks. ThreeQuarter1

step 4:

When you think you're finished, step back to see what the effect looks like in its entirety - you can then assess whether areas need more paint or not. Having a friend to guide you from the ground during the process might help too. ThreeQ3