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Get a Practical Kitchen

Experience shows that a kitchen will 'last' about 15 years or longer. However, it still has to prove its worth for day-to-day use. Some people even argue that the kitchen is the most important room in your home. HL spoke to Elwyn Sykes from Eclipse Group, who work alongside Blum Products, pioneers in kitchen and furniture innovations, and asked how best to organise your kitchen... 'It’s important for a kitchen to not only look good but be practical too. Good preparation when buying or renovating a kitchen results in sensible decisions – that way you support your kitchen planner in designing a kitchen adapted to your wishes,' he says. 'Your kitchen should be both beautiful and practical. There should be good workflow, adequate storage space and total comfort of motion'. This is the Dynamic Space concept from Blum. If you pay attention to all three of these features, your kitchen will suit you and your needs and will be well organised.' Workflow A well-thought out kitchen can save a lot of work. This is because everything is stored where you need it and within easy reach. This shortens distances and ensures ergonomic work, ensuring suitable workflow. Optimal workflows can be achieved by planning your kitchen in five zones: Consumables, Non-consumables, Cleaning, Preparation and Cooking. Using full extension pull-outs instead of shelves improves workflow and frequently used items should be stored at an easily reachable height. Space Just because you have limited space, doesn’t mean you can't have your dream kitchen. Make optimal use of every centimetre. With pull-outs in a high cabinet e.g. Blum’s Space Tower larder unit, in the corner or under the sink, you can gain plenty of useful storage space. It’s important to determine your own personal space requirements. A great deal of space can be created by using deeper pull-outs with high backs and closed sides. Flexible Orga-Line inner dividing systems help to organise space. Additional inner drawers also create more storage space. Motion Furniture that is easy to open, even while fully loaded, makes a beautiful practical kitchen. Electrical or mechanical opening systems with handleless fronts ensure ease of use. Go to for more ideas for practical kitchens. Visit the Eclipse website at if you are interested in purchasing your own Blum kitchen furniture. Email them from their website for more information.