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behind the scenes of a bathroom renovation


Ever wondered what it looks like when a bathroom is stripped down to its shell? European leader in the field of sanitary products, Geberit has given us an insider's view of a bathroom renovation from start to finish. In a 40 second video, we are shown how a bathroom is disassembled step by step, to reveal the systems and technology that fits behind the wall. In the 'before' view, you can have a look at the sanitary technology and complex system installed by Geberit - the basic structure that allows a bathroom to operate efficiently. In the 'after' view, you can see the ceramics, bathroom furniture, fittings and design solutions that Geberit has installed to create the beautifully refined finished look. 'He who builds responsibly, builds sustainably,' is the Geberit design philosophy, so all the products in this bathroom meet strict sustainability standards in terms of their production and longevity.




after The post was provided by Geberit.