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Follow the story of an Instagram home renovation

Valentina Nicol, Vicki Sleet

Follow the story of an Instagram home renovation

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Lifestyle blogger Vicki Sleet and her husband Justin Spreckley documented their four-month renovation on Instagram to reveal how they transformed a facebrick horror into an airy family-friendly home in Cape Town

'When people ask me, “So what do you think of living in the ’burbs?”, I can’t answer more enthusiastically,’ says homeowner Vicki Sleet of the location of her new home. ‘I dreamed of an open-plan home with a big lawn, and although we got that with our new property, the house we found was a facebrick number that hadn’t been touched since the ’70s – and had a multitude of arches and tile styles in brown to prove it. ‘We were pretty happy with the original layout, bar a few rooms that needed to be reconfigured, but we wanted a clean slate to make it our own. ‘It was quite a straightforward renovation. We managed to move in after four months. Our youngest was only four months old when we started, so it was a rather stressful process, but so worth it. We love our new home, and our family does, too.’
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