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Expressive wallpaper

Osborne & Little's Grand Tour collection of fabrics and wallpaper

People are increasingly turning to wallpaper as a focal point when decorating. In the past, wallpaper acted as a substitute for paint and was often rather plain. Now, due to the wide range of choices, coupled with easier application, there is a trend towards statement-making designs. Subtle shades are taking a back seat with more adventurous options making their mark. I especially like the idea of applying these bold designs onto one section of a wall (such as behind a bed that doesn’t have a headboard) instead of doing an entire room in the same covering. Mixing pattern on pattern is also no longer a no-no. My choices this week are the interior wallpapers by Osborne & Little available locally from The Fabric Library. Phone 021-761-3044 (Cape Town) or 011-265-9050 (Joburg).