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Enliven Your Entrance Area

Judd van Rensburg

Easily one of the most neglected spaces in a home, your entrance area also deserves a little love from time to time. Our #HLMakeover expert Leana Schoeman talks here about a stairway entrance renovation she recently did and offers up some helpful advice. Why do you think it’s important for an entrance area to look good? This is the part of the house that you get welcomed into every time you arrive, and if it is functional and beautiful, it sets the tone for the rest of the space. Why was it decided to change the flooring and why was the new one chosen? The laminate flooring that was there before had a reddish colour and the space was beige, so it was super outdated and ugly. We needed something fresh and beautiful, but also practical so we went with encaustic tiles as they are bold, yet timeless and also very durable. What motivated the addition of the floating shelves? There were added for both aesthetic and utility reasons. There was no other area within the open-plan space to display things, and because the homeowner has a beautiful collection of items, the floating shelves were the solution. What questions should people ask themselves before updating an entrance area? They should think about what they need from the space and what kind of storage solutions they would require for the things that they carry in and out of the house. Then they should also ask themselves about the kind of tone they want to set, not only for guests but also for themselves. Do you have tips for people trying to do this affordably? Clear the clutter. We’re all guilty of having things pile up without us even noticing, so take some time to really look at the space and to visualise what you want from it. Clever, simple storage solutions, like hooks, and a lick of paint can both make a massive difference, and adding a carpet could also create some interest.




entranceafterinsitu Take a look at page 144 of our Jan/Feb 2016 issue to get a list of the products used in this renovation along with their prices. Read more about how you can apply Cemcrete floors in your home.