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Dress your space with wood


There's no denying that wood adds wonderful warmth and character to a space, be it a slick contemporary home, a seaside holiday house, a restaurant or a function centre. And there are various ways to incorporate timber into a site too, beyond just buying wooden furniture, of course. If it's glossy planked floors or exposed country cabin-style ceiling beams you're after, Chestnut Grove Sawmills is a reliable first port of call. The company has been harvesting and saw-milling sustainably grown blue gum and poplar wood for over 17 years and is now considered one of the leading suppliers of timber in the Eastern and Western Cape. chestnutgrove2 Included in their product repertoire is everything from square and rectangular beams, round poles and bamboo rods to floor and ceiling boards, cornices and skirting. Because Chestnut Grove is committed to giving clients exactly what they want for any of a huge range of spaces, the company is sure to provide custom-cut timber that's designed to meet the specific requirements of the project at hand. To find out more about the business's products and services and to see photos of some of the spaces they've been involved in creating, visit chestnutgrove-sawmills.co.za.