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Decorating with indigo

Dulux colour expert, Sonica Bucksteg, shares her top tips and tricks on how to optimise the colour of the year inside your home. Soothing, honest, relaxing and inspiring - indigo was named Colour of the Year 2013. Armed with this knowledge and trail blazing the blue trend, many home enthusiasts have hailed and heeded the wisdom shared by the ColourFutures™ oracle, primed and ready to apply their newly purchased pots of indigo paint. Below, Sonica provides some colourful and practical guidance to assist DIY decorators who are brave enough to embrace this current colour trend. She suggests that you utilise indigo in three easy ways: One 'Don’t be afraid to inject drama into your space and add indigo as a broad wall colour. Due to the rich quality of this hue, it may be best to keep things simple and let this colour stand alone. Apply it in spaces with good, natural light, as well as plenty of balancing neutrals, such as flooring, furniture and/ or furnishings. This will allow indigo to take centre stage. After all, it is the colour of the year'. Two 'Don't be afraid to create a showpiece. Consider utilising indigo as a feature wall. For an ink and paper high contrasts twist, utilise indigo as a focused room divider. Combine with a smokey grey neutral, such as NIGHT JEWELS 5 for broad walls. Complete the look by adding pure white or black furnishings, with accents in soft, muted violets, such as TWILIGHT CINDERS 4.' Three 'Indigo works extremely well as a complimentary canvas for your art or crockery. Try painting the inside of your kitchen cabinetry or bookshelf in indigo and see how those teal, bright blue and white decor pieces pop!' Dulux, a brand from the world’s number one paint company, AkzoNobel, recently launched a highly-anticipated, international trend forecaster titled: ColourFutures™ 2013. As the name of the chronicle suggests, ColourFutures™ serves to predict key trends for the coming year, as envisaged by a panel of the world’s foremost creative design, architecture and fashion experts. To download a free copy of the new ColourFutures™ 2013, simply visit For more information on colour trends go to