Pool, Patios and Exteriors, Renovations

Deck it Out

Elsa Young

The biggest change that was made during the renovation of Paul and Roberta Thatcher's third-generation Parkhurst home was to ditch the driveway that ran along the western side of the property and convert it into a wooden deck and pergola. Architect Georg van Gass' intention behind this update was twofold - to increase the usable area of the small home, and to provide protection from the glaring afternoon sun. A steel structure provides the base for a slatted wooden pergola, flanked by a comfortable boma on one side and a splash pool on the other. The deck itself is large enough for a 12-seater table and an entire lounge suite, making for great outdoor entertainment. 'The design and materials of the deck make it feel like we're in a beautiful game lodge - since we've moved in nowhere feels quite as luxurious as home,' says Roberta.