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Creative Lighting

Wendy-Lee Douglas of Sketch bok/dbn is an interior designer who creates beautiful living spaces. Here, Wendy talks to HL about creative lighting solutions. What in your opinion has led to a renewed appreciation in interesting lighting options? Lighting is being used to create the ‘wow factor’ within spaces. It’s becoming a strong feature in the home, which is why we look for interesting and unique options. Lighting can change the whole feel and mood of a space and this is determined by what is selected. I also think people have become more aware of this ‘tool' when it comes to decorating their homes. What are some of the main lighting trends at the moment? Metals are a big feature, mainly brass and copper. The luxe feel of these metals together with their reflective properties offer a beautiful design material. The simplicity of a 'raw' light bulb, mainly vintage Edison bulbs, paired with coloured fabric cables make for stylish and simple lighting features that are right on trend. What should our readers look for when shopping for creative lighting solutions? The first thing they’ll need to think about is what the function of the light will be. Side lamps will create mood and are more decorative, whereas task lighting is for day-to-day functional use. Go for LED lamp options for longevity and long-term power saving. Are there any easy ways to reinvent lighting? A great way to update a light is to change the globe to a trendy vintage Edison bulb (that’s if the bulb is visible) and change the electric cable to a bright coloured fabric cable. It’s a simple and easy way to bring an existing lamp up to date. Are you launching any new ranges? We have just launched our Sketch bok/dbn vase lights. The design ethos behind these lamps is that they look like a vase instead of a traditional light fixture, making them multi-functional. They can be used grouped together on a table, or be featured alone on a server or desk. My favourite display is to group them on the floor to create soft mood lighting in a corner of a room. They can even be turned upside down and used as pendants. The metal silhouette form plays with positive and negative space, making the lamp’s structure quite dynamic. Visit Wendy’s blog for more details.