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Concrete Floors


One of the trickiest decisions when renovating your home, is deciding on the most suitable type of flooring. An important part of making this decision is knowing about the pros and cons of different floorings. Many people consider concrete for its versatility and durability. House and Leisure got some helpful advice from Cemcrete Marketing & Sales Director, Joanne Sykes, about the benefits of installing concrete floors in your home. 'Cemcrete manufactures quality cement-based coatings for the decorative industry. This includes three varieties of floor coatings for various applications. But let’s look at the overall benefits of choosing a cement-based coating for your floor': Immense Durability Cement, or concrete, is naturally an extremely durable product. It offers sheer strength, making it the most crucial element on any construction site. Why, then, should you accept anything less for your floor? Cement-based floor products offer the same durability and strength as the rest of your building, therefore offering a product with tremendous longevity. Economical Many flooring options might be initially cheaper than decorative cement-based flooring products, but cement will last much longer and eventually give you a better return on investment. Cement-based floors such as Cemcrete’s rarely need replacement, especially if properly installed and maintained. Easy Maintenance Once installed and finished off with the correct sealer, your new cement-based floor is very easy to clean and maintain, only requiring occasional damp mopping. A good quality sealer is applied to help resist water, stains, dirt and abrasives. Cemcrete offers a range of different sealers for various applications and needs. We also offer a CreteCare range of floor maintenance products, making caring for your floor that much easier. The range consists of three products: CreteCare Mop & Shine for occasion cleaning when pure water isn’t enough; CreteCare Polish to protect the sealer (this will increase the time between re-sealing and may even eliminate the need to re-seal); and CreteCare Floor Polish Stripper for when the layers of polish become too thick or you would like your floors to look new again. Although cement-based floors are very easy to maintain, maintenance is still very important to prevent unnecessary wear and tear of the sealer, and eventually the decorative coating. Abundance of Choice The number of colours, designs, and combinations makes cement-based floors a definite choice for any space; office, home, hotel, retail, warehousing and more. Cemcrete offers a range of various colours for each floor product, and with the addition of CreteStain for even more colour options, as well as various sealers to add further effects (gloss, matt, slip-resistance, colour enhancement, and so on) you can never be let down on variety. Some customers want a look that is truly unique – Cemcrete’s cement-based coatings can offer just that. You can create look-a-like finishes with cement-based floor coatings such as terrazzo, marble, granite, wood, tiles, rock and many others. It is a product with true customisation abilities. You can also order your company logo with Cemcrete’s Modello Decor stencil and have your company brand permanently stained onto your cement floor. Also keep in mind that if you choose a colour palette with neutral tones, it will easily accommodate any future changes to your interior decor. Just as an example, most theme parks or recreational centres, such as Gold Reef City and The Cradle of Humankind, have used imprinted Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener for kilometres of walkways and paths, instead of traditional pavers. This is a logical choice due to the reduced long-term maintenance and care needed, as well as eliminating the need to replace loose pavers over time, also remembering that replacing pavers may lead to undesirable aesthetics because the colours rarely match. Going Green As the most widely used construction material on earth, cement has the longest lifespan of any traditional building material. It has been used to create structures that still stand after more than 2 000 years. Concrete floors offer excellent energy efficiency inside the home or building because they retain heat due to their thermal mass, making them ideal for passive solar energy (solar radiation entering through windows during the day will be retained and emitted slowly during the night, which is perfect for winter). Conversely during summer, cement-based floor coatings, when shielded from direct sun, will stay cool for longer and can actually help reduce the costs of air-conditioning. Cement-based floor products are non-hazardous, and also don't require the use of hazardous cleaning products. This in itself makes cement-based floors green. Also, some other floor coverings require the use of adhesives which omit VOCs (volatile organise compounds) into the atmosphere over time. Not only does cement flooring offer better energy conservation, but it improves indoor air quality as it does not harbour allergens and bacteria. Cement Floors Don’t Have to be Slippery Smooth cement-based floors are no more slippery than other floor products such as vinyl, linoleum, marble or ceramic tiles. However, there are many options that prevent your cement floor from being slippery. One option is to choose a textured finish. This can be achieved with Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener and various imprinting mats to create a myriad of beautiful finishes including rock, wood, textured tiles and more. If you prefer the smooth look, Cemcrete also offers a Slip-Resistant sealer, which reduces the risk of slipping on a smooth wet surface, particularly in bathrooms and around swimming pools. Pet Friendly Cement-based floor coatings (installed correctly and with a protective sealer, and polish if desired):

  • Are more resistant to pet stains and odours.
  • Do not emit VOCs which can be harmful to yourself and your pets.
  • Are easy to clean from pet fur, rain-soaked and mudding paw prints.
  • Do not trap fleas, mites and other pet pathogens.
  • Are more resistant to scratching from boisterous pets’ claws (once sealed). Floor polish or wax will increase this resistance even more.
In Conclusion: Decorative cement-based flooring is the perfect example of a synergy between beauty, sustainability and economy, which will last the life of your home. For more information visit