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Choosing poolside fabrics

While there are plenty of outdoor fabrics on the market, they're not all suitable for use near a pool. Poolside furniture will see a lot more action in the coming weeks so it's a good time to get them reupholstered and water-ready as soon as possible. June da Silva, Marketing Director at Hertex Fabrics, tells us what we should look out for when we're outdoor fabric shopping. Pigments A fabric made of solution dyed acrylic yarn is best for outdoor use. The colour pigments are mixed with the spinning solution and form part of the construction of the fibres. These fabrics are the most sun resistant and have anti-mildew and water-resistant qualities. They are also washable and easy to maintain. Foam There is a special foam available for outdoor cushions – it is advisable to use such foam if they are left out in the rain or used by a pool. Lightfastness Outdoor fabrics are available in various qualities with lightfastness scales from 5 - 8. The best lightfastness is found in solution-dyed acrylic yarns, but yarn dyed polyester also provides excellent results. Look out for outdoor fabric with an anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. From Hertex Hertex Fabrics offers highly durable outdoor vinyls, velvets, tweeds, panamas in both jacquards and dobby weaves. Just in time for summer we will, at the end of this month, launch our new Hit the Deck range. Don't forget to ask about Autobahn (matching stripes and plains), Outback (bright coloured outdoor vinyl) and Sunproof – these ranges are all ideal for outdoor living. What's more, outdoor fabric is also highly suited to indoor use and prevents fading in our sunfilled large windowed homes. It is highly durable and stain-resistant, making it ideal for family living. For more information on Hertex and their fabrics, visit