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Choosing a bathtub when renovating

When renovating your bathroom, it can be rather daunting choosing the correct bathtub. There seems to be a bewildering selection in countless shapes, sizes and materials. We spoke to Margaret Goodale, co-owner of Victorian Bathrooms, about how to go about making this vital decision... Below are a few helpful tips to consider when selecting your tub: Set your budget While you need to set an initial budget to avoid overspending, don’t forget that quality ensures longevity. It might well be necessary to spend a bit more on a tub if you intend to use it every day for many years to come. Measure the available space in your bathroom By doing so you can avoid purchasing a bath that is too big or too chunky for the available space. Where is the water supply? If your water supply is at one end then a single ended bath would be better suited. If more than two people occupy the bath a majority of the time, then we would suggest a bath that is rounded at both ends with taps in the middle. Choose the right material We suggest baths manufactured from cast acrylic. This ensures that your bath doesn't stain nor discolour, and scratches that may occur can be removed. They also retain their heat extremely well due to the 20mm thickness. Ergonomics The size of your bath will depend on your available space and ultimately, you. If you’re a tall person, you would probably prefer a wider or longer bath such as the Bateau or Roman bath. Smaller people would benefit from the Petite Chaise or Paddington Bath. Style The style of the bath will depend on how you’re going to decorate your bathroom. If you like the Victorian look then the Classique on Victorian feet might interest you. Alternatively, if you like something a bit more modern, the Bateau bath in Pewter skirt will better suit your taste. Drawing inspiration from the past, Victorian Bathrooms has successfully blended classic styling with functionality and introduced a range of free-standing baths with soft, rounded contours and pleasing aesthetics. Having specialised in free-standing baths since 1989 their experience in design, manufacture and creation of unique, handcrafted baths has meant that they meet the requested and desired design criteria. For more information visit their website at or their Facebook page at