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Bring Cheer to a child's bedroom

We at HL recently helped to transform a tired, mismatched bedroom into a colourful, vibrant kid's bedroom. Here our #HLmakeover expert, Heather Boting, uses this experience to offer advice to anyone who's looking to create a wonderful sanctuary for their little one.

1. have fun with colour

What's more exciting than having your very own room as a child? Talk to your little one and together choose a colour that they and you wont get bored of too quickly. We painted this little girl's room blue because she said this colour makes her feel like she is sleeping in the clouds.

2. re-use what you have

A well-made bed base and chest can most definitely last a lifetime if looked after properly. Just give these wooden items a new lease on life by adding a fresh lacquer of varnish.

3. keep the bedding simple

Try to keep the look of the duvet and pillows simple with only a few minor details on them as this allows the freedom to accessorise with bright scatter cushions, bedside lights and rugs. As your child grows up you can then easily replace these accessories with those of a different colour scheme or the latest fashionable pattern.

4. create an accent wall

Choose one wall to decorate with a beautiful wallpaper. The selection of child-appropriate wallpapers is endless and you'll probably find this to be your most difficult decision when redoing your child's room. Try to stay away from animations or popular characters as these will date too quickly; rather choose a pattern that your child can grow up with. In this case, we chose a bugs and butterflies wallpaper – it's a beautiful classic from Christian Lacroix.

5. replace heavy curtains with blinds

This change makes the world of difference. Not only are blinds easier to maintain (no washing or dry cleaning required), they allow you to precisely control the amount of light that's let into a room. Simple wooden Venetian blinds are your go-to.





See our May 2016 issue for details on all products used in this makeover.