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Blend Bathroom Space

Elsa Young

Though Paul and Roberta Thatcher made a number of changes to their newly acquired Parkhurst home, it was their main bathroom that received one of the most ingenious updates. This space was custom-designed to incorporate ideas from the couple's travels. 'On a business trip to China we stayed in a hotel that had a Japanese tub enclosed in a shower unit, and we thought it was an amazing space-saving device,' says Paul. As their bathroom is long and thin, the format worked perfectly, allowing for a spacious counter with two basins, and the toilet to fit comfortably alongside. The couple were determined to find the deep, square tub and eventually had to import one (from Omnitub). 'It was so worth it. It's unbelievably comfortable, especially if, like us, you're not the tallest kids on the block,' says Roberta.



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This piece hones in on one aspect of the renovation to give you specific bathroom update ideas. Read the full story about their Parkhurst home renovation.