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Bathroom Makeover

Are you tired of your bathroom looking and feeling too busy and cluttered? Transforming this space doesn't have to be a giant task and, in the end, doing so will afford you a serene space to unwind in. Simple tasks like changing the colour scheme or clearing the room can help give you that dream spa bathroom everyone deserves. Kate van Niekerk, Marketing Manager at Tile Africa, says that, 'Clever and attractive storage solutions contribute to a chic and practical space where you can relax and focus on the things that matter.' She offers the following tips for revitalising this important space in your home:

  • Clear out your clutter with a vanity that offers ample storage space or beautiful wicker baskets that will enhance and complement your bathroom.
  • Create various storage solutions for different bathroom functions - for example, rather than having towels tossed anywhere, install one or two towel rails. For the ultimate luxury, opt for a heated towel rail.
  • When choosing which tiles to use for the wall and floor, stick with colours that will calm your mood. Most spas base their decor on warm, neutral colours. Browns are earthy and will make you feel safe, while whites are clean, fresh and pure.
  • Take your inspiration from nature by bringing natural elements into your bathroom to help you restore your sense of serenity. Consider the different fixtures and accessories and try to integrate nature: you can install a deep, rich wood vanity or free-standing bath on a wooden base, sandstone cladding used as a feature wall behind a stone basin, or natural stone listelli as an interesting border.
  • Increase the 'green' factor by adding plants, both large and small. Indoor plants contribute to making a space appear airy and bright. When it comes to placement, try to protect your plants from the shower spray and direct streams of water as this can damage their leaves. The use of plants is also a more affordable way of upgrading the look and feel of your bathroom.
  • Remember that spas also soothe you with sounds; keep a CD player hidden in your bathroom and play calming music whenever you dip into a relaxing bath.
No matter how big or small the changes are, it's important to liven up a space like this every now and then, in order to restore your own energy levels. If you need more information or advice you can contact Tile Africa on 0800-002-783 or visit