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Bathroom Make-Over

I'm a huge fan of Moroccan decor and when I saw the Moroccan Warehouse's tiles and basins I knew immediately that that was the direction I'd like to go in. Being a small bathroom, I knew it couldn't be too busy as the tiles were already very busy, yet created a striking feature. I used a soft linen from Lula Fabrics for the curtain to let light into this small space, and although the mirror from Papercake is quite detailed, it retains a 'less is more' look as it is white. The bathroom has a contemporary edge having used modern On Tap bathroom fittings. I didn't want it too look too much like a period or character bathroom, but a contemporary version, inspired by Moroccan decor. You can see the bathroom progress from beginning to end on My Design Series. Text and images: Kim Gray From an early age Kim showed an interest in many different creative expressions. Having grown up with parents involved in the advertising industry she soon developed a passion for styling and design. Later Kim started blogging as an outlet for her creativity, sharing with readers a little ‘ inside’ into the fashion and decor industry. Soon her hobby became a passion, thus turning it into a  business, as Kim blogs about and shares her inspirations, tips, finds and more. Visit Kim's blog or follow her on Twitter for regular updates.