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Artisanal Foam Bath

In 1997 a South African pharmacist set out to create a natural soap suitable for sensitive skin, unaware that it would expand into a successful company. Using the same classic manufacturing traditions and artisanal processes, he's produced a complete collection of bath and body products. Today, Wild Olive has stores in both Cape Town and Bucharest. All Wild Olive products are made from organic materials (most of which are locally obtained) and are hypoallergenic. Wild Olive foam bath is available in five scents including Lavender, Rosario, Flora Capensis, Florae and Vetiveria Citrata. The packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also recyclable and re-usable. The foam bath retails from R250 and is available at their Cape Quarter store in Cape Town and via For more information, visit or their Facebook page.