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Adding summer style to a bathroom

On tap offer House and Leisure some advice for adding summer flair to your bathroom. For the hot summer months, there are a variety of bathroom themes you can go with, including Bold with Colour, Breezy Bright Whites, Calming Oceanic Blues and Enchanted Garden. These themes, each including different products from On Tap, will create the perfect summer look for your bathroom. If you want to go with the Bold with Colour theme for your bathroom, you can experiment with accent design by pairing striking colours with bold ceramics such as the Duravit D-Code range. Create a focal point in the room by keeping the bathroom white, except for the accent wall. Paint or tile the accent wall with a bold colour such as yellow, red or purple and pair it with modern ceramics. Accessorise with polished stainless steel basin mixers, shower and bath mixers as well as modern showerheads that will bounce off colour and reflect light. Breezy Bright Whites is the perfect theme for the summer months. The ‘all white’ bathroom is a big hit for homes that experience heat during the summer months, as it creates a light and breezy feel to the room. This look is achieved by choosing the correct balance of textures and light with ultra modern bathroom statement pieces such as the Kludi Logo Neo. This look requires the bathroom products to speak for themselves and is the perfect setting to show off your designer and statement pieces by keeping a minimalist look. The colour blue is associated with relaxation and is the perfect colour for you to unwind. To create a relaxing feeling in the bathroom, go with the Calming Oceanic Blues theme. Soft light paired with turquoise or powder blues and bright white bathroom fittings are the perfect combination to help you unwind at the end of the day. Rounded bathroom products such as the Kludi Zenta range or the Lecico Marbella Water Closet will work best for this look. If you are more of a nature lover, let the outside in by going with the Enchanted Garden theme and use products from the Hansgrohe Axor Urquiola range to create this look. Slick and modern bathroom ceramics and polished stainless steel accessories give a contemporary style, while the exotic plants add a finishing touch to this look. The bathroom should be kept as white as possible while the detail is given colour through plant life in shades of bright greens, pinks, purples and oranges. Whichever theme you choose to go with, make sure you keep everything in your bathroom light and breezy. The bathroom is your haven of peace not only during the sweltering summer but also during the dreary winter days. All ranges and products mentioned above are available from