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A Creative Bedroom Makeover

Production Leana Schoeman Photographs Aubrey Jonsson

A sparsely furnished bedroom is updated with warmth and sophistication using a few simple but thoughtful interventions. In a relatively basic room like this, a three-quarter line of paint is a way to add interest without necessarily having to add furnishings. To complete the bed and make it look comfortable and luxurious, a headboard is essential. This extra-length unit in lacquered oak with white side tables lends refinement to the industrial handmade bed base, built entirely from materials bought at Builders. The distinctive standing lamp provides a strong sculptural presence, so that the room doesn’t seem too empty. The bare walls have been personalised with a photograph taken by the owner, a photographer, en route to Namibia. It has been custom-printed but hung very simply using stationery clips and mirror tape – no need for a frame. This considered, creative approach adds interest. Keep a lookout for opportunities to pick up on visual cues in the way you display artwork – the effect can be remarkable. Graphic printed rugs break up the uniformity of the screed floors and bring warmth to the room, whereas fresh linen, again with something of a pattern but light in colour to make the most of the lovely natural light though the window, adds the finishing touches. Take a look at the amazing before and after pics below: Before make over insitu   After 1 bedroom Read more here:  Reno Idea: Extreme Makeover Reader's Renovation #1 Reader's Renovation #2 Reader's Renovation #3 Reader's Renovation #4 Reader's Renovation #5 Reader's Renovation #6   sub_may Want more inspiration? For exclusive Art, Wall and Floor ideas, tips & info, check out the June 2015 Art Issue, on sale 18 May