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How To Get House and Leisure During Lockdown

Here are three ways to get your copy of House and Leisure during lockdown

With the national lockdown in effect ‘home is where the heart is’ has become more than just a literal phrase. At this time, the inspiration and escapism that our favourite magazine brands offer has never been more important.


There are three ways you can get your hands on a copy of House and Leisure during the lockdown: 


1. In store

House and Leisure’s April/ May print issue and the special Revamp edition are available in store now at Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Spar and Checkers.
If you have any problem finding or purchasing an issue please contact Marcus Newkirk via email at


2. On your device

Get the latest issue – or any issue – in digital format for just R28. All digital issues can be purchased here. Never miss an issue with a one-year digital subscription (R168) to the next six issues, starting from February 2020. 

Get it all! An all-access subscription to House and Leisure gives you digital access for a year to the latest as well as all past issues of House and Leisure and costs R699.



3.Get your free issue 

Don't get cabin fever during lockdown! Make your virtual escape  into the city streets by signing up for your free edition of our City Issue. Click through to our website, fill in the form and your free issue will be sent straight to your inbox.