Behind The Lens With Photographer And Mother, Miss Lucky Pony

As we celebrate food and family, we sat down with talented photographer, avid baker and adoring mum, Angie Batis Durrant of @miss_luckypony

Angie Batis Durrant, Supplied

Angie Batis Durrant or, @miss_luckypony as she is better known to many of us, in many ways captures the essence of modern family life with her beautiful, candid portraits of her family and the everyday moments they share. We talk to Angie about motherhood, her creative endeavors and, of course, her love of homemade treats.  


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Five minutes with Angie Batis Durrant 


Your Instagram bio reads ‘maker of things’ can you tell us a bit more about your creative pursuits? 

I have always lived within a creative space, so I have a lot of things I like doing that express that side of me.  I'm a photographer and an art director, so creating and playing in that arena really makes me happy. I also love being in the kitchen baking and making things, which I often then photograph. 


Have you always wanted to be a photographer? If not what did you want to be growing up?

No, actually I didn't. When I was a kid I really wanted to be a dinosaur, eventually, I let go of that dream and then entertained the idea of being a vet for a small time. But after school, like many people (I'm guessing), I wasn't 100% sure about what I actually wanted to be. A friend of mine was starting at an advertising school called Vega and I decided to join her. I applied and got in and so my journey into the creative world continued.

Who inspires you as a photographer?

I have a few local photographers that inspire me, Ross Garrett being one of them. I used to work with him a lot when I was an art director and the way he saw things and took photos always made me feel so happy! I would often look at his images and get lost in their awesomeness. I also had another friend, Stan Engelbrecht, who would capture the most amazing photographs of the everyday world and the people in it. I'd say he was the biggest influence in terms of me finally picking up a camera and taking my own photos.


Where did you learn how to cook?

I'm 100% self-taught. I find recipes online, get them from relatives and books, and then I play around.


As a mum of two, what is your ideal family dinner?

When everyone has had a long day, spaghetti and butter for the kids (laughs).  I swear if I had to give my kids this every day they would be the happiest children on the planet.  We also like making homemade pizza together, it's such a fun thing to get them involved in and who doesn't like eating pizza? Nobody!


What family recipe has been passed on to you?

I have a recipe from my aunt for an orange sponge cake, which is so delicious. Literally, it is one of those cakes that you will get up in the middle of the night for.


What recipe will you pass on to your kids?

I have so many I'd love to pass onto them, but definitely my Red Velvet cake recipe, which we used when we owned a coffee shop called Wolves, I have never given anyone that recipe.


What is your go-to cooking utensil and why?

My Kitchen Aid. Best thing ever.

Miss Lucky Pony | House and Leisure


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What are three tips of advice would you give those soon-to-be mums?

As cliché as it sounds, savour every moment, they all go by so fast.  Your kids will love you like no other human on this planet. Their love is undeniable and comes with absolutely no strings attached, so when you're having an off day (and you will), just hold them and be with them with no other distractions around you, it's like magic for the soul. Take photos! Lots and lots of photos and make sure you are in them. That is one regret that I, I don't have enough pictures of me with my kids, but I'm working on it. (Laughs)


What is your favourite meal and why?

Is chocolate a meal? Let's go with yes!!