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Cape Town Surf Brand Heads to Paris Fashion Week

Moncler, an Italian luxury clothing brand, has selected a South African surf brand to participate in its annual collaboration project, taking the Cape Town company to the streets of Paris and beyond

Supplied, Mami Wata x Genius

Mami Wata x Genius


An African surf apparel company is making international waves. Global luxury brand, Moncler has chosen Mami Wata as the first African company for their annual collaboration project, Moncler Genius.

‘Moncler emailed us out of the blue,’ says Mami Wata CEO and co-founder, Nick Dutton. ‘They saw the brand and liked the African surf story and our quirky designs. Moncler Genius is one of the hottest things in global fashion, so it’s humbling and also very exciting. Anything that shines a light on African surf culture is good,’ he said.  

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With humble beginnings, a love for surfing, design and Africa, and an ethos rooted in contributing to the development of society, Mami Wata’s tagline is ‘Look good. Do good. Surf good.’ According to the website, Mami Water (or ‘Mother Ocean’) is the African water spirit that appears in the shape of a mermaid.


Mami Wata x Genius


Founded in 2017, the African brand designs and manufactures its own range of apparel such as shorts, t-shirts, caps and more.  With a mischievous and creative pattern pallet, Mami Wata has caught the eye of the fashion elite.

As part of the collaboration, Mami Wata apparel will be sold in two hundred Moncler stores across the world.

Co-founder of Mami Wata, Sal Masekela (son of South African music legend Hugh) comments on the new collaboration: ‘The power of African surf culture is redefining the identity of global surf culture in its entirety. Mami Wata being chosen by Moncler shows the brand is also a fresh voice in global design and fashion culture. It’s a real honour to have been chosen to be a part of Moncler Genius; it’s a global celebration of design, fashion and creativity.’


Mami Wata x Genius



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The Moncler Genius Project was founded in 2018 and is known for working with top designers from around the world.

African design continues to be recognised on the global stage, shedding a bright light on our country’s talent and creative streak.  


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