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City of Cape Town calls on Emerging Artists for Exclusive Exhibition

If you are a budding artist and want to share your work with the world on a city-based platform, check out the Emerging Artists Programme!



Each year, the City of Cape Town hosts an Emerging Artists Programme that allows individuals from all backgrounds the opportunity to showcase their work and enhance their craft.

A statement by the City of Cape Town explains the function of the Emerging Artists Programme. ‘The workshops are designed to give under-resourced artists from previously disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to gain experience and exposure, showcase their talent and sell their work.’


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The programme comprises two workshops followed by an exhibition that will be hosted at the SA Sendinggestig Museum from 2 – 30 April 2020. The first workshop, titled the ‘Capacity Building Workshop’ facilitates a conversation around art materials, exposure and more.

It provides attendees with tools to monetize their talent and get their work recognised.

As part of the second workshop, selected participants will be able to exhibit their work, learn how to put an exhibition together and have the opportunity to tell the story behind their masterpieces.

The Emerging Artists Programme is open to artist of any age, using any medium, whether it is photography, sculpture or painting.


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How to apply for the programme


1.  Complete the online application form, which is available here. Applicants must reside in Cape Town to qualify. 

2. Submit one to four pieces of work in any medium to with the subject “April call for entries”. Please ensure that all images of your work are high-res and include the artist’s name, media used, title and price of the artwork.


3. Ensure that you submit a 50-word biography about yourself and include it in the application.


Only a select number of artists will be chosen to exhibit their work. The submission deadline is 16 March 2020.


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