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South Africa's Upside Down House

Have your world turned around in this unique house located in Hartbeespoort, the Upside Down House is literally 'upside down'. 

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upside down house


Possibly one of the most perculiar houses in South Africa can be found in Broederstroom, Hartbeespoort as it has been physically placed upside down.

A statement on the Upside Down House South Africa official website provides insight into its creation. 

'The birth of the inspirational idea of this ingenious 'house' became real by the reflection of a peculiar presence, which in the existing world might sometimes feel upside down.'

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upside down house

With a roof for a floor and the actual 'floor' reaching for the clouds, it can be considered an architectural marvel. The house has been carefully designed and engineered to showcase the typical features of a house in an upside-down manner. 

Each room has been curated to reflect that of a 'regular' house with all the bells and whistles including furniture and decorative pieces. 

Visitors are able to walk through the house and capture candid images of themselves 'upside down' as the house is equipped with several bedrooms and bathrooms, a dining room and more. 

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Located in a quaint town, the upside-down house garners visitor from across the country to view this unusual and curious house.  

This architectural marvel is open from Monday to Sunday with a basic entrance fee of R90 per adult, R60 for children aged between 4 - 7 year with free entrance for kids below 3. 

upside down house


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