Where To Find The Best Croissants In Cape Town

A fresh and buttery croissant paired with a cappuccino are the perfect breakfast treat to grab on the go. Here are five croissants spots in Cape Town.

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Jasons Bakery

Considered a French staple, the croissant is a flaky pastry that we can all get behind (and in our stomachs). Whether you prefer yours plain and simple, stuffed with Nutella or loaded with bacon and eggs, the fact remains that croissants are delicious. 

Cape Town has a number of places to satisfy your croissant cravings any time of the day, because this much-loved pastry is suited for breakfast, tea or even just a snack. 

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Where to find the top 5 best croissants in Cape Town  

Café Charles

Located in De Waterkant, Café Charles offers an idyllic location setting a Parisian scene amongst the cobblestone roads. Offering a range of homemade and fresh croissants from a simple yet delightful plain to a decadent chocolate croissant topped with 60% dark chocolate ganache and pistacio crumb.

Open from 7am, Café Charles serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and each meal prepared is made with local, organic and free-range produce. 

Address: 137 Waterkant Street, De Waterkant

Contact: 087 743 2359

Café Charles

Woodstock Bakery 

Open from 6.30am, the Woodstock Bakery is the ideal spot to drop by for a croissant on your way to work. Not only does the Woodstock Bakery prepare freshly baked and warm croissants, but they're also known for their artisan breads. All their baked goods are shaped and made by hand, ensuring each product is made with love. Supplying breads and pasteries to over 70 of the most popular eateries in Cape Town, you can rest assured that the quality of their croissants is nothing less than top shelf. 

Address: 13 Brickfield Road, Salt River, Cape Town

Contact: 075 797 7324

Woodstock Bakery croissants
Woodstock Bakery/Facebook 


Loaves by Madame Baker 

Formerly known as Loaves on Long, this bakery is a renowned favourite with locals and tourists, whether you are popping in for a quick bite or a lazy brunch. Loaves by Madame Baker offers breakfast all day long, which means you can have a savoury croissant with scrambled eggs, bacon and avo at any time of the day. For those in the mood for something sweeter, they also do freshly baked almond croissants dusted with sugar - you would swear the flavours have transported you to your happiest memory. 

Top Tip: The bakery also offers private lessons to help you learn how to make your own fresh croissants from the comfort of your home!

Address: 12 Briar street, Cape Town 

Contact: 081 046 6664

Loaves by Madame Baker croissant
Loaves by Madame Baker/Facebook 


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Jason Bakery 

With two branches in Cape Town, one on Bree Street and the other in Green Point, Jason Bakery has become famous for baker Jason Lilly's creation of unique baked delights, most notably the 'doughssant'. The 'doughssant' is as decadent as it sounds, merging both a donut and a croissant in one.

The popular bakery and cafe sees locals and visitors alike flocking to get their hands on their once off creations, with a limited number of goods per day.  Ther most recentl sweet treat saw them collaborating with ForAGoodLeaf to create bang-on-trend CBD-infused pastries. If you are in the mood for a sweet delight all packed in a layered, flaky and buttery croissant then Jason's Bakery is the ideal spot for you.

Top Tip: For those wanting to try something new, the croissant cream horn is a mouth-watering treat. 

Address: 185 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

Contact: 021 424 56 44

Jason's Bakery croissant cream horns


Honest Chocolate Café

This quaint cafe spot in the centre of Cape Town CBD provides an escape from the daily hustle and bustle at Honest Chocolate Café. The sunny courtyard section of the cafeis straight out of a vision of the Parisian streets with its steel framed and wood based tables. 

Sip away on your coffee and enjoy a fresh croissant at the indulgent Honest Chocolate cafe. 

Address: 64A Wale St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town,

Contact: 076 765 8306

Honest Chocolate Café
Honest Chocolate Café/ Facebook 
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