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Sustainable Octopus Garden opens in Cape Town

A thriving new vegetable garden has opened at the V&A Waterfront and aims to provide a source of vegetables and fruits to local non-profit organisations.

Open Design Afrika, V&A Waterfront

Octopus Garden

The Octopus Garden, which recently opened at the V&A Waterfront, is a 500 square metre urban farm that will supply fresh organic vegetables to Ladles of Love and The Homestead, two organisations which provide food to the homeless in Cape Town.

Established by the V&A Waterfront, Musgrave Spirits Corporate and Eco Brick Exchange, the garden was designed in the shape of an octopus to raise awareness for marine protection.

Just as the tentacle creature of the deep would move among the rocks in the ocean, the Octopus Garden has been designed to be moved around and may well be moved within the next two years. Lead designer of the new urban farm was Ian Dommisse, a local architect with the metal framework done by Maker Station.

A reported 1076 eco bricks were utilsied to built the outer wall of the sustainably-designed Octopus Garden.

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Octopus Garden

The gardens are currently blooming with a wide range of vegetables and botanicals and the initial plant installation was carried out by Elements Landscaping and will be maintained by green thumb wizard and SEED Community's SA graduate, Mike Mberi. 

The new urban farm was built using an estimated equivalent of 269 000 chip packets and will empower locals by providing lessons on how to grow organic vegetables and botanticals.  

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Octopus Garden

Both Ladles of Love and The Homestead serve as key resources for the less fortunate to find a delcious and nutrional meal. Ladles of Love is a volunteer run soup kitchen that feeds people each week, together with other projects focusing on helping those in need.

The Homestead aims to uplift street children by providing them with a safe home, food, education and more. 

The blooming gardens are sure to provide a bountiful harvest and aid towards feeding many across the city.

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Octopus Garden