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The Louvre Launches 3D Experience of the Mona Lisa

The Museé du Louvre in Paris is hosting its first ever virtual reality experience, allowing visitors to engage with a 3D version of the Mona Lisa.

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Visitors to the Museé du Louvre in Paris often go just to see Da Vinci's famous and mysterious Mona Lisa painting, and now they will be able to interact with it in a brand new virtual reality installation called Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass that opened to the public in October 2019.

Working in collaboration with HTC Vive Arts, a company which utilises cutting-edge technology to transform the way culture is experienced, the Museeé du Louvre has brought to life the story of the Mona Lisa.

Director of interepresentation and cultural programming department at the Museé du Louvre, Dominique de Font-Réaulx says that visitors will now be able to engage more deeply with the painting, undoubtedly one of the world's most iconic artworks. 

'On the occasion of the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, and for the very first time, the Musée du Louvre is delighted to present a virtual reality experience in partnership with HTC Vive Arts. The public will be able to discover an immersive experience with this extraordinary masterpiece. This collaboration will allow visitors to meet and learn more about the Mona Lisa herself, beyond the myths and legends that have surrounded her for over 500 years.'

With an estimated 20 000 people viewing the painting each day, the VR experience allows for a more intimate look at the Mona Lisa. The VR installation forms part of a commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the death of Da Vinci where the public will be provided with insight into the artist’s career.

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Why does the Mona Lisa continue to fascinate us, 500 years after da Vinci’s death? Musée du Louvre’s first virtual reality experience “Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass” uses the latest technologies to bring us as close as possible to the world’s most famous painting and the true stories behind it. Join us in experiencing a heightened, personal encounter with the Mona Lisa, starting Oct 24. Created in partnership with @htcvivearts. An integral component of @museelouvre’s Leonardo da Vinci exhibition 10/24/19 – 2/24/20. #SeeDifferently #HTCVIVEArts #LeonardodaVinci #DaVinci #MonaLisa #Joconde #arthistory #renaissanceart #virtualreality #artexhibition #ArtVR #artandtechnology #Leonardo500 #ExpoLéonard #muséedulouvre

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Excitingly Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass will also allow visitors to discover details of the artwork that has remained hidden to the naked eye, along with learning more about Mona herself. Scientific research has also revealed the techniques which Da Vinci used to create the historic piece. 

The best news? You don't only need to be in Paris to engage with this unique experience. To make this VR experience of Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass accessible to everyone across the world, it can be seen from the comfort of your home with a version available on HTC's digital subscription service, VIVEPORT. 

'We are honoured to be able to work closely with the Louvre to present their first VR experience as part of this monumental exhibition. Through this new experience, global audiences will be able to access the Mona Lisa in virtual space, seeing the work in detail from anywhere in the world. Allowing visitors who may not be able to visit the exhibition in person to access this remarkable masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci through our home version we will give unprecedented access to da Vinci’s most celebrated painting,' said Director of Vive Arts at HTC, Victoria Chang.

This unique experience pays tribute to an artist who embraced innovation in a multitude of fields to create his incredible and special legacy.

Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass will be available to the public from 24 October 2019 - 24 February 2020. 

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