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In love with indoor plants? Us too! Shop these solutions for creating a garden inside your home, including these lush hanging plants and clever containers.

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Hanging Plants | House and Leisure
The inspiration: trails of hanging plants grow abundantly from the built-in planter boxes at this iconic 1970s residence in Cape Town, designed by groundbreaking architects Adèle Naudé Santos and Antonio de Souza Santos.

The current trend for indoor plants and, in particular, loads of hanging plants and lush greenery is not going away – ever, we hope.

While the vogue for indoor gardning in general has been with us for quite a while now, we've noticed a strong related microtrend lately. This is all about garden manufacturers, nurseries and even furniture makers creating hangable urban gardening solutions.

They vary from simple baskets for hanging plants – from which trailing vines and mini succulents can emerge – to enormous kokedamas that reflect and embody specific terrains ranging from the Sahara to the Amazon.

Pinterest is especially full of inspiration: take a look at our new Hanging Gardens Pinterest page here.

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We recently featured an amazing Cape Town home designed by Adèle Naudé Santos and Antonio de Souza Santos in the 1970s, in which the ideal of combining apartment living and having your own garden is beautifully enabled by the building's design. 

Hanging Plants | House and Leisure
This view of the ground floor of the home designed by the Adèle Naudé Santos and Antonio de Souza Santos demonstrates how hanging plants work to soften the lines of modernist architecture. 

Even smaller living spaces than this need not be excluded from the option of having a garden, however. If you have a ceiling, you can definitely have a garden.

We particularly like the shelves featured below by Cape Town design company Stokperd (the Babylon shelf – Hanging Gardens of Babylon, get it?) and of course kokedamas are icons of the hanging plants playbook. The bumper versions pictured below are available from Waz Outdoor.

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Here are some of our current favourite hanging plants options: 

Hanging Plants | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | The Babylon Shelf from R2500, Stokperd

Hanging Plants | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | From left: The Amazon (inspired by the exotic charm of the jungle) R8500 (45-55cm; about 50kg), The African (inspired by Africa's untouched landscapes) R8500 (45-55cm; about 50kg), The Sahara (inspired by the rare splendours of the desert) R7995 (45-55cm; about 50kg), all Waz Outdoor (optional extras include automated irrigation or integrated irrigation) 

Hanging Plants | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | Wonderwall self-watering vertical garden from R3999, Plantr
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