The Inspiring Sketch Drawings Of Christopher MacClements

South African candidate architect Christopher MacClements has created a detailed and mesmerising series of sketches of the Cape Town CBD.

Christopher MacClements
Christopher MacClements | House and Leisure
Candidate architect Christopher MacClements.

After completing his postgraduate studies in architecture at the University of Pretoria, Christopher MacClements has established himself as a multitalented creative. 

Although he did not study at a formal art school, MacClements found himself drawn to the art forms of graffiti and illustrations.

The up-and-coming aritst explains that his creative joruney began at home with his grandfather sparking the artistic side of him. 

'I can say that my creative beginnings were heavily influenced by my grandfather, Ian, who is also an architect. I recall spending countless hours and nights at his side sketching. He would sketch on his drawing board, and I on my desk adjacent. We would use these hours to collaborate [and] discuss life and the creative realms,' he says. 

MacClements has created four series of work to date, spanning four exhibitions – with three of them solo showcases.

He says he is inspired by a range of creative mediums including street art, film, graffiti, animation, motor design and more. 

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Christopher MacClements | House and Leisure

The tools of his trade are ink, spray cans and a pencil, but for his architectural hand sketches he utilises drafting pencils and pens. 

As a trained architect, MacClements explains that his knowledge in this sector has influenced his recent pieces. 

'As an architect I try to employ as much of my architectural knowledge in to my works including technique, hatch styles, composition and perspective. I believe this formal training has greatly assisted my ability to construct my works, not only from a technical perspective but also from a level of applied rigour.'

A recent showcasing of his latest series titled 'Late Night Sketch Tales' was displayed on a recent Cape Town First Thursday at Ground Art Caffe, located in the heart of the CBD. These illustrations not only detail the structures of the Mother City but also create a sense of emotion and curiosity in the viewer.

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Christopher MacClements | House and Leisure

Explaining why he chose to exhibit his work at Ground Art Caffe, MacClements says, 'I am close to the owners as they are all from Pretoria and felt it would be the most appropriate place to host my work – from the intimate setting to the superb service.'

Christopher MacClements | House and Leisure

When crafting these detailed sketches, MacClements says that he is happiest with his headphones on and working in isolation, providing him an escape in which he can dive into his creative space. 

With this merely the begining for the talented artist, he says that he intends to grow his collection of creative works. 'I will also be building a few bodies of work I have been conceptualising over the course of the last few years.' 

Find MacClements work here

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