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Zizipho Poswa Is Trenery Guild's Newest Addition

Ceramic artist Zizipho Poswa has been added to Trenery Guild, a collective of collaborations with renowned South African artists.  


Zizipho Poswa | House and Leisure

After graduating from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2010 with a major in surface and textile design, Zizipho Poswa has honed her craft in creating unique ceramic works and is also the cofounder of IMISO Ceramic Studio.

Poswa's work has gained local and international recognition, and with nine years of experience and dedication to her craft under her belt,, she is renowned for her beautiful hand-pinched ceramics. This unique ceramic artist adds a personal touch to each of her pieces, with the results having caught the attention of galleries and collectors across the world.

Poswa provides brief insight into her artistic process as she merges her love for textured sufaces with ceramics. 

'I use a very traditional method of production, hand-pinching, as my signature,' she says, 'and use my textile knowledge to hand-paint beautiful motifs and unique patterns for my pieces.'

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Zizipho Poswa | House and Leisure

Reflecting her passion for craftsmanship, Poswa's abstract ceramic collections are imaginative and reflective, creating a sensory experience for viewers. 

As the 11th collaborator to join the Trenery Guild series, Poswa has imprinted her knowledge of surface finishing onto a number of bespoke pairs of delicate espresso cups.

Zizipho Poswa |House and Leisure

The artist has hand-painted each cup individually using colours inspired by Trenery's October collection, which celebrates summer tones and lush greenery. 

The resulting sets of espresso cups, all unique and custom-glazed, was unveiled at the Trenery store in Cavendish on 21 October 2019.

Jane Grimme, the head of design at Trenery, says she and the Trenery team are hugely excited about collaborating with Zizipho Poswa.

'We are incredibly lucky to partner with Zizipho, who is so passionate about creating elevated designs that are not only handcrafted but carefully conceptualised,' she says.

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Zizipho Poswa| House and Leisure

The Trenery Guild was launched in February 2018 and is a collaborative project in which the brand collaborates with South Africa's leading artists and creatives to create unique, once-off pieces.

Each artist who collaborates with the guild must create an item that represents their own creative work, as well as the brands anchor value of premium craftsmanship.

Through these collaborations artists and creatives are also able to share their creations quite directly with the public, through activations including in-depth talks and sensory experiences. 

Zizipho Poswa | House and Leisure

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