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The Nature Of Luxury 2019

House and Leisure's new editor Charl Edwards, explains the fresh ideas about luxe that went into the new October/November Luxury 2019 issue.

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Welcome to the new Luxury 2019 issue of House and Leisure, my first as editor of this proudly South African brand.

Luxury 2019 | House and Leisure
One of the evocative, nature-inspired houses featured in the Luxury 2019 issue: this home is situated in picturesque Misty Cliffs, near Cape Point.

Here at House and Leisure we often look back at past issues, reflecting on the design and style of the spaces featured in them (does anyone else remember the 1993 launch issue?).

We’re always amazed at how some looks never seem to go out of fashion, while others really need the boot. 

But sometimes it’s more than just surface appeal or style. Reflection is always good for evaluating our present way of life, and to give us a nudge in the right direction, or simply just to explore ‘the new’ with a sense of understanding, appreciation and responsibility. 

So, what better way to introduce the theme of this issue than to signal a goodbye to luxury as we know it, and champion the new luxury: nature as luxury. 

Luxury 2019 | House and Leisure
House and Leisure editor Charl Edwards.

Enter environmental activist and wonder kid Greta Thunberg, and the #climatestrike movement…

Our last luxe issue captured that year’s zeitgeist of all things bling and shiny (so long, 2018). As you know, we’re living in a rapidly changing world, so it should be no surprise that in just one year the nature of luxury has shifted dramatically.

We find ourselves in a time of appreciation for things that speak of a simpler way of life. In today’s world of constant expansion and mass consumption, we’re seeing a desire for the opposite; what we want is a simpler and gentler approach in terms of how we produce, consume and experience design, decor and our surrounds. 

In this issue, we explore and uncover this shift in the world of design and how we experience it. We begin by unpacking the concept, with our first Round Table discussion, and our Trend feature, which introduces and explores the cause of ‘anti-luxe’.

We also take you inside the seaside home of design duo Gwen and Gawie Fagan, for the first ever intimate look at their home, Paradys, in Langebaan – the ultimate embodiment of the ethos that ‘less is more’. This couple has consistently shown how design and home life are interlinked and quite inseparable – just as they are. Their life and work speaks to this new movement, and the best thing about it is that they have been doing it all along.

But these ideas are nothing new really – sometimes we just need to look back, to look ahead.

The Luxury 2019 issue – or as we have been calling it since we started planning it, the Nature of Luxury issue – is on sale now. If you're struggling to find a copy, please email

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Luxury 2019 | House and Leisure
This enviable Ibiza home is the cover star of the Luxury 2019 issue.

PS We also captured the Fagans' exquisite house on video, including these SA design legends talking about the ideas behind their home, over on our YouTube channel – while you're there, don't forget to subscribe to HL's channel for our regular video updates.

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