Where To Forage For Fruit In The Cape

With the Cape in full bloom, spend the day out and about at these local picking spots and forage for fruit that's fresh, sweet and succulent. 

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Forage For Fruit | House and Leisure

There is something about gathering your own food that is both rewarding and fun, and with the hot summer days ahead of us, this is the ideal time to head out and about to a range of local farms to forage for fruit.

Bring the kids along as they can learn about the value of growing their own produce and enjoy the feast of fruit that awaits. Sitting under the shade of a tree and biting into a delicously sweet and fresh strawberry as the cool breeze hits your face, is the perfect summer mood. 

From strawberries to grapes, fill your basket at these local spots – and remember to grab a hat and some suncreen for the day.

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Polkdraai Farm 

A mere 30-minute drive from Cape Town, a haven for strawberries awaits at Polkdraai Farm.

The farm is renowned for its family-friendly offering and strawberry picking. And with strawberries in full season between September and January, there's plenty of time to plan your outing. 

Visitors must purchase a container to begin picking from the thriving fields. Containers range from R40 to R190 and the price includes the bounty of strawberries collected. The friendly staff will provide clear instructions on how and where to pick the red jewels of sweetness. 

Polkdraai is open seven days a week and closed on Christmas Day. Visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes and leave the green stem on the strawberry in order to maximise its shelf life. 

Fruit: Strawberries
Address: Polkadraai Farm, M12 Stellenbosch Arterial Road, Stellenbosch
Cost: R40–R190 

Forage For Fruit | House and Leisure


Klondyke Farm 

The popular Klondyke Cherry Farm is located 30km outside Ceres in the Koue Bokkveld area. Bring along your furry friends as you forage for cherries in the picturesque setting.

If you are in the mood to spend the night in the area, Klondyke Cherry Farm also offers three self-catering cottages and an open campsite. 

Each visitors must pay an entrance fee, and this includes a container for their gathering adventure. This year's cherry picking season will start on 22 November and end on 31 December 2019.

Visitors are encouraged to fill their containers to the brim with ruby-tinged or sunkissed yellow cherries. You can spend the day picnicking with family under the pine trees at the farm, and you can also bring along provisions to braai. 

Visitors are advised to bring along a windbreaker or warm jersey as it tends to get windy on the farm.

Entrance costs R30 per adult and R15 for children aged 10 and younger, with free entry for children under the age of five. If you arrive before 10am, visitors will receive a R15 discount per person on the entrance fee.

Fruit: Cherries
Address: Klondyke Cherry Farm, Ceres, South Africa
Cost: Applicable entrance fee, and R65 per kg for cherries

Forage For Fruit | House and Leisure

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De Krans Wines

Located along the upper reaches of the Gamka River Valley near Calitzdorp, De Krans Wines offers a bountiful picking experience that ranges from apricots and peaches to hanepoot grapes. 

With delicious apricots available from 23 November to 8 December, peaches available from 14 December to 29 December and the hanepoot grapes from 1 February to 1 March, there is no shortage of fruit-picking activites available at this estate. Containers are available to purchase, but visitors may bring their own for the day of foraging.

Visitors are advised that picking season is dependent on the growth of the fruit in the area and dates may change accordingly.

Fruit: Apricots, peaches, hanepoot grapes 
Address: Calitzdorp, Scenic Cape Route 62, South Africa
Cost: R8.50 per kilo of apricots, R9 per kilo for peaches and R9.50 per kilo for hanepoot grapes 

Forage For Fruit | House and Leisure


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